Can you come up with a tabletop game design in the time it takes to drink a coffee?  Find out with the 10 Minute Design Challenge! Watch the short tutorial video or keep reading to find out more…

Download our Design Sheet and grab a pen, or open up a note on your phone. When you click the button above, you’ll be given a Theme, Component and Mechanism/ Game Type to work with, and a 10-minute countdown will appear. If you’re unsure about the mechanism, you can check out the BGG definitions

When the time is up, an alarm will sound, and you’ll be have the option of sharing a picture or screenshot of your design notes to our Design Gallery, where you can see examples of other designers’ ideas. Remember; all of your game ideas remain yours!

Looking for more inspiration? Listen to the 10 Minute Design Chat podcast for short, laid-back discussions about tabletop game design and the board game community.

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